Nail Polish and dangerous chemicals

nail polish

The dangers of nail polish

Women are extremely much concerned about beautifying themselves and nail varnish is a such common element found in beautification. They are very cute within their little bottles and also on perfectly shaped nails too, they are very pretty and elegant. However, the health hazards because of the use of nail varnish are vivid and enormous. The intoxicating smell of nail enamel as soon as you open a bottle actually indicates to us that beautifying agent is indeed comprised of harmful chemicals.

There are a variety of chemicals that exists in a nail enamel and out of which the harshest one is dibutyl phthalate or DBP which can be the type of material which is added to plastics so that it becomes soft and malleable. Phthalates are cancer-inducing and may cause birth defects in kids. There are many chemicals of concern too which can be of questionable nature which are toluene and formaldehyde which could damage organs and they’re carcinogenic by nature.

Why you should use natural nail polish

Thereby, it really is about time that people considered natural nail polish which includes been stated in such a manner whereby that the harmful chemicals with the ordinary nail varnish is taken away. Natural nail varnish offers women the opportunity to make their nail pretty the natural way. There are no harmful chemicals during these nail polishes and they’ve converted into a unique kind of organic product that has changed into a common factor in the cosmetics industry.

There aren’t any known side effects if you use natural nail polish and they have been turned out to be safe for use. They will not cause any skin allergies as well as skin irritation isn’t due to them. Chemical-based nail polish may well contain several carcinogens which may in course of time cause severe illnesses or skin infections and could also lead to cancer. However, natural nail varnish fully eliminates the probability of skin cancer and other serious health hazards. Traditional nail polishes possess a strong intoxicating smell which clearly showcases the fact they contain very harmful substances however, no such nasal irritation is brought on by the aroma of natural nail polishes and they are sure your best option to utilize for painting your nails.

Always remember, nail polish has many dangerous chemicals and should be use with care.

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