Fashion Tips for Women under 5ft (Petite Women)


Fashion Tips for Petite Women

Women with five feet or less height, are often referred to as Petite in fashion lingo. Clothing and accessories have always been a problem for women with petite frames, as most clothes don’t fit well on this body type. So, they should go for such clothing and accessories which can make them look taller and elongated.

Find out how to enhance or flatter petite figure by choosing right styles that work best for petite women. Here are some fashion tips that you should follow if you are a petite women:

Wear only One color: It’s advisable to wear light or medium colored plain tops with dark colored pants or skirts. Prefer to dress, all in one color from top to bottom. (Good fashion tips you should follow)

Choose dark colors: As dark colors have slimming effect, so try black, navy, burgundy, charcoal, deep green, or purple. They also can provide a taller look, provided that they should not be too loud and lustrous. Always choose small print dresses for a trendy look because small prints provide a slimming effect than larger prints. (Great Fashion Tips on how to choose colors that make your body slimmer and look taller)

Wear clothes that fit well: Always Wear cloth that fit well. Simply avoid loose fitting apparel. Fitted or semi fitted clothing can give more elongated look. Don’t choose clothe that have extra fabric because it can adds bulk and make short women look more heavier and shorter.

Wear clothes with vertical lines: Women with petite frames can have taller appearance by wearing clothes with vertical lines. Vertical lines draw people’s attention up to down, not side to side. Thus it makes the wearer look longer and leaner. So, choose stripes, seams, fashion details that appear vertical or are in vertical panel fabric.

Choose V-shapes necklines: Choose V-shaped necklines tops and dresses for the best look . V-shaped styles are the perfect aid to create the illusion of height. A little black dress with V-shaped neckline could be a best party wear for petite women.

High-Heels: Remember this, most of  petite woman prefers to wear high heels, as they are the easiest way to look tall and increase your height. But remember to avoid shoes with ankle straps because it breaks up the wearer vertical line and make you look shorter. Strapping shoes look great on women with long legs.

In nutshell, choose tapered pants and skirts, straight pants, vertical striped clothes, long skirts and tops with short and medium length. Stay away from over-sized handbags, mini skirts, dresses having long sleeves and frills, wide embellished belts and bulky fabric.

These fashion tips for petite women can truly provide a taller and slimming effect. Try on.. and flaunt charm everywhere and in every season.

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